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Radioactive Substances Licence and Application Procedures

Application for Licence Renewal

  • You may use form RSF2 to apply for renewal of a licence that permits you to import, deal in or with, manufacture, produce, possess, or use radioactive substances in the approved premises of the licence.
Form required  
RSF2 Sample

Guidance notes for RSF2 form


Submit this application at least 8 weeks before licence expiry.

Part A

  1. Fill in the current radioactive substances licence number at top of the form.
  2. Complete either A1 or A2 and rest of the questions in Part A :
    For Section A1, please submit
    1. A copy of Identity Card / Document of the applicant.
    For Section A2, please submit
    1. A copy of the business registration certificate.
    2. A copy of Identity Card / Document of the authorized person.

Part B

Tick the appropriate box and fill in relevant information.

Part C

Tick the appropriate boxes for your application. You may tick more than one box:

  1. Fill in relevant information, and
  2. Submit a copy of certificate(s) of the stated qualification(s) in radiation safety for each newly appointed supervising person(s)

Part D

  1. Tick the appropriate boxes and submit related documents with your application.
  2. Submit test report(s) on surface contamination.
  3. Submit test report(s) on reliability of radiation monitoring equipment.
  4. Submit test reports on leakage of sealed radioactive substances.
  5. Submit records on purchase, transfer or sale of radioactive substances.
  6. Submit records on disposal of radioactive waste.

Part E

Sign the declaration.

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