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Licence Application

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  • Lead safe for storing radioactive sources used in hospitals
  • Transport Label on vehicle for conveyance of radioactive substances
  • Radiotherapy Treatment Unit


Radiation Ordinance (Cap 303), Laws of Hong Kong, stipulates relevant controls on radioactive substances and irradiating apparatus. The Radiation Board is established for the purposes of the Ordinance.

Applications for licences to manufacture, produce, sell, deal in or with, possess or use radioactive substances or irradiating apparatus should be submitted to the Radiation Board Licensing Office. Depending on the complexity of the case and with timely submission of the necessary documents by the applicant, a licence may be granted in 8 week's time. All licences are valid for 12 months with effect from the date of grant or renewal thereof or for such lesser period as may be specified in the licence.

The Board will process two types of licences, namely the Radioactive Substances Licence and the Irradiating Apparatus Licence. Definitions of radioactive substance and irradiating apparatus are set out below for reference:

Definition of Radioactive Substance

Radioactive substance refers to any substance which consists of or contains any radioactive chemical element whether natural or artificial and whose specific activity exceeds 75 becquerels of parent radioactive chemical element per gram of substance.

Definition of Irradiating Apparatus

Irradiating apparatus refers to any apparatus which is intended to produce or emit ionizing radiation; or is capable of producing or emitting ionizing radiation at a dose rate exceeding 5 µSv/h at a distance of 5 cm from any accessible point of the surface of the apparatus.

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