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Medical Examination of Workers

Medical Examination of Workers Image


Under the Radiation Ordinance (Cap 303), Laws of Hong Kong, no employer/ proprietor shall employ any person in any radiation work or any work or process involving the handling or transport of any unsealed radioactive substance who (i) is under the age of 18 years or (ii) has not within the period of 4 months immediately preceding his first employment by such employer/ proprietor in such work or process and at intervals of not more than 14 months during the continuance of such employment, undergone a medical examination by the Medical Panel and has been certified fit by the Radiation Board for such employment. Application for medical examination may be made to the Radiation Board.

"Radiation work" means work by any person which involves proximity to any irradiating apparatus in operation;

"Proximity" in relation to any irradiating apparatus, means a position in which a person may be liable to receive a dose of radiation exceeding 6 mSv to any part of the body if such position were retained by him for one calendar year.

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