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Approved Certification Services and Training Courses

Approved Certification Services and Training Courses Image


Approved Certification Services for Radiological Measurements and Testing

The condition of Radioactive Substances Licences may prescribe certain quality assurance or conformity testing programmes, such as, encapsulation tests on sealed radioactive source, surface contamination tests for radioactive contaminations, function tests for contamination and survey meter, etc. Such tests are to be performed by competent laboratories.

The Radiation Board Licensing Committee, in consideration of the technical capability of the laboratory, pertinence of testing procedures and competence of the laboratory personnel for performing the required measurements, will accept the test reports on radioactivity measurements for purpose relating to Radioactive Substances Licences from the approved certification services.

Approved Radiation Protection Training Courses

Holder of Radioactive Substances Licence is required to appoint a qualified person with training and experience in radiological protection matters to supervise any activities involving radioactive substances. Moreover, user of irradiating apparatus should also fulfill certain requirements of training on safe use of x-ray irradiating apparatus.

The Radiation Board Licensing Committee, in consideration of the suitability and qualifications of the training institute for providing radiation protection courses, will accept certain approved training courses as meeting the minimum requirement for competency in radiation protection for Radiation Board licensees and their supervising personnel.

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