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Radioactive Substances Licence and Application Procedures

Application for New Licence

  • You may use form RSF1 to apply for a licence that permits you to deal in or deal with, manufacture, produce, possess, or use radioactive substances in Hong Kong.
Form required  
RSF1 Sample

Guidance notes for RSF1 form

Part A

  1. Complete either A1 or A2 and rest of the questions in Part A
  2. For Section A1, please submit
    1. A copy of Identity Card/ Document of the applicant.
    For Section A2, pease submit
    1. A copy of the business registration certificate.
    2. A copy of Identity Card/ Document of the authorized person.

Part B

  1. You should appoint at least one person to supervise the activities involving radioactive substances.
  2. Submit a copy of certificate(s) of the stated qualification in radiation safety of the supervising person(s).

Part C

Tick the appropriate boxes for your application. You may tick more than one box:

  1. CONVEYANCE - submit a copy of vehicle / vessel registration.
  2. POSSESSION - submit a floor plan of the storage facility.
  3. USE - submit floor plan of the working premises, technical specifications of equipment and protection devices.
  4. SALE

Part D

  1. Fill in relevant information about the radioactive substances and manufacturer’s details.
  2. Submit technical specifications of the radioactive substances or articles(s) containing radioactive substances.

Part E

  1. Tick the appropriate box on management of radioactive waste.
  2. Submit waste management plan especially with regard todisposal and storage of radioactive waste, as applicable.

Part F

Sign the declaration.

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