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Views on adjustment of statutory fees under the Radiation Ordinance

A valid licence granted by the Radiation Board is required for possession, using, sale, dealing in or with or undertaking other activities involving any radioactive substances or irradiating apparatus. Regulation 4(1) of the Radiation (Control of Radioactive Substances) Regulations (Cap. 303A) and Regulation 5 of the Radiation (Control of Irradiating Apparatus) Regulations (Cap. 303B) stipulates the licence fees.

The Radiation Board supplies a certificate of medical examination carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations free of charge to the person so examined and to employer of the concerned person. Regulation 16 of Cap 303A and regulation 11 of Cap. 303B stipulate the fees for each certified copy of the Certificate issued. All aforesaid existing rates came into operation on 1 July 2006.

The statutory fees of Cap. 303A and Cap. 303B have remained at the same level for 17 years since they were last revised in 2006. After a costing exercise to review the elements of the fees, including staff costs, departmental expenses, depreciation, cost of services provided by other departments and administrative overheads, it was found that the cost recovery rates for the seven fee items ranged from 42.9% to 123.5%.

In adherence to the standing "user-pay" principle of the Government, adjustment of the fees would be necessary so that fees charged could recover the full cost of providing corresponding services. For the three fee items with cost recovery rate between 40% and 70%, it is proposed to increase the fees by 15% per year for three consecutive years until 2025-26 in order to improve the cost recovery rate. For the two fee items which come very close to full cost recovery rate of 100%, the fees are proposed to remain at the same level. For the remaining two fee items above the full cost recovery rate, reduction from the existing rates for three consecutive years is proposed to avoid over-charging but retain at a full cost recovery level.

Subject to the enactment by the Legislative Council, the new prescribed fees and the adjustment schedule will be implemented tentatively by end of 2023/early 2024. The detailed proposed adjustment schedule for each fee item in financial years 2023-24, 2024-25 and 2025-26 is as follows.

Details of Fee Items proposed to be Revised

Counting no. of fee items

Legislation Provision


Existing rate


Unit cost
(at 2025-26 price level)

Cost recovery rates at existing rate


Proposed rate


Fee increase / decrease



Cap. 303B Sch. 2

A licence to possess an irradiating apparatus in a non-functional state or to possess an irradiating apparatus pending consideration of an application for a licence to possess the apparatus in a functional state. (Category 1)




2023-24:  315

2024-25:  325

2025-26:  330

2023-24:  -23%

2024-25:  -21%

2025-26:  -20%


A licence to possess, or to possess and use an irradiating apparatus in a functional state (Category 2)







A licence to use any irradiating apparatus or apparatuses (Category 3)




2023-24:  125

2024-25:  130

2025-26:  135

2023-24:  -22%

2024-25:  -19%

2025-26:  -16%


A licence to sell or deal in any irradiating apparatus or apparatuses or any licence other than a licence referred to in Categories 1, 2 and 3







Cap. 303A r. 4(1)

Grant or renewal of a licence for any radioactive substance




2023-24:  3,670

2024-25:  4,220

2025-26:  4,850

+15% per year


Cap. 303A r. 16(2)

Certified copy of certificate of medical examination for fitness to be employed in any work or process involving the handling or transport of unsealed radioactive substance




2023-24:  35

2024-25:  40

2025-26:  46

+15% per year


Cap. 303B r. 11(2)

Certified copy of certificate of medical examination for fitness to engage in radiation work




2023-24:  35

2024-25:  40

2025-26:  46

+15% per year

If you have any views on the above proposal, please send them to the following address or e-mail address by 9 June 2023.

By mail: Radiation Board Licensing Office, 3/F, Sai Wan Ho Health Centre, 28 Tai Hong Street, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong

By e-mail: rhd@dh.gov.hk

Please mark “Feedback on Fee Revision Proposal” on the envelope or in the title of the submission.
If you have any questions, please contact Mr Godfrey WONG at 3620 3743.

Date Posted : 19 May 2023

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