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Proper Sale and Transfer of Irradiating Apparatus

The Radiation Board (“the Board”) has noticed that there have been cases of improper sale or transfer of irradiating apparatus. These cases involve the sales or transfers of irradiating apparatus to persons who do not possess valid licences for the apparatuses; thereby contravening the relevant provisions of the Radiation Ordinance, Chapter 303, Laws of Hong Kong.

Section 7 of the Radiation Ordinance requires that any person who intends to sell or otherwise deal in or with irradiating apparatus shall have in possession of a valid licence granted by the Board for that purpose. Regulation 7(1) of the Radiation (Control of Irradiating Apparatus) Regulations, Chapter 303 subsidiary legislation B, also requires that licensee of irradiating apparatus shall only sell or otherwise transfer the irradiating apparatus to a person who is holding a valid licence in respect of the apparatus.

Any person who intends to undertake activities involving the sale or transfer of irradiating apparatus shall comply with the above legal requirements.

Date Posted : 17 August 2016

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